17 Nov

Do you love online shopping? I do! I love not having to battle the crowds – especially at this time of year, the convenience of shopping at home in my pajamas and the best part – receiving packages in the mail. My latest delivery is this Butter Bell Crock (and my favourite lip balm)

This handy little dish keeps butter fresh and – most importantly – spreadable! Here is an inside view –

The “bell”, underneath the lid, is filled with butter. The lid is the placed onto the bottom dish, which has a small amount of cold water added to it. The water forms an airtight seal over the butter – keeping it fresh but spreadable at room temperature.


That’s the theory – I’m hoping it works. If it does, I might just declare it “The Best Invention Ever”. It will be interesting to see what happens during the inevitable heat waves throughout summer…
I purchased my butter crock here It’s the only Australian store that I’ve found them in so far.


One Response to “Butter”

  1. Katie December 3, 2012 at 10:25 #

    Hey, great butter crock! Those are incredibly handy; and great chapstick too. We live near the place that makes those and it’s the only brand we buy. 🙂

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